Setting Media Matters straight


Generally speaking, I tend to ignore what the George Soros “Media Matters” smear machine publishes.

Refuting their lies about me and my company would be a full-time job.

But, knowing the news media’s propensity for shallow research into the eligibility issue, I thought it was important for someone to challenge Media Matters’ recent “Myths and Falsehoods: Birther Edition.”

Barack Obama has released his birth certificate: An easy way to prove that would be to simply show it. Instead, what Media Matters does is to hype the digital short-form document we’ve all seen – the “Certification of Live Birth,” which would likely not have been sufficient proof to get the young Obama signed up in Little League, if he had been living in Hawaii rather than Indonesia at the time of his eligibility for competitive sports. This is a document that Hawaii has routinely handed out to register births occurring elsewhere, even out of the country, on the basis of an affidavit filed by a parent or grandparent. If this is “the original birth certificate,” as claimed by, Obama has more eligibility problems than most people realize. It is hardly the contemporaneous eyewitness document one would expect to prove constitutional eligibility for the highest office in America. Media Matters then quotes former Hawaii health department Director Chiyome Fukino as asserting she has seen the original “vital records” and proclaiming Obama to be a “natural-born American citizen,” despite her lack of bona fides as a constitutional authority.

Obama’s grandmother never said Obama was born in Kenya: In a recorded interview Oct. 16, 2008, Sarah Hussein Obama does indeed seem to suggest he was. While it is true her translators insist repeatedly that she was mistaken, insisting he was born in Hawaii, the grandmother herself is clearly heard to say “Mombasa.” It’s hardly conclusive evidence of anything, but it is of some interest given the highly unlikely scenario that the grandmother traveled to Hawaii to witness the birth of a grandson to an American woman, when her financially struggling son, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., had already produced offspring with a Kenyan wife.

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