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Seniors, Do You really Think Obama Cares?


When Barack Obama was an Illinois State Senator, he voted against a bill called the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”. The bill was written to stop the practice at some Illinois hospitals of allowing newborn infants who survived abortion to die. For instance, according to a couple of maternity nurse at Christ Hospital in Chicago, newborn infants who had managed to survive the abortion procedure were left to die in a soiled utility room. It didn’t matter whether the babies were healthy or not; their fate was the same. They were disposed of like so much trash, and a piece of legislation that would have protected them was blocked from 2001-2003 by Barack Obama’s vote. The bill didn’t pass the legislature until 2005,  AFTER Obama was gone!

After I read the accounts from two of the courageous whistle-blower nurses, I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I could hear the cries of those children left to die alone! Not for any crimes that they had committed, but merely for the fact that they had escaped death once, only to face it again. The tears ran down my face thinking about that hungry, scared, cold little baby fruitlessly fighting for its life when those who could have saved them didn’t. They didn’t ask for the situation that they found themselves in, but they were made to brutally pay the price anyway. I guess the “luckier” ones were the unborn killed in their mother’s womb before they had the chance to see the light of day. The women and their doctors couldn’t hear the screams of those being killed in the womb, so that made it all the more humane, right? Barack Obama voted to deny protection to these children because they were a consequence of an action a woman would rather forget. Don’t have to take responsibility for a dead baby, right? Obama was and is determined to make sure that women have the right to destroy a new life before it gets to be a problem. Kind of blows a hole in the abortionists’ argument that “nobody knows when life begins.” Even if you are holding it in your arms?

What, might you ask, does this have to do with senior citizens, the handicapped, and the chronically ill? Just this: there is included in the 2700+ pages of Obamacare a provision for appointing a fifteen-member board that will determine who is to receive Medicare  benefits and who isn’t. What this provision does is remove these people from the realm of human beings, who are loved and cared for, to a line item on an accounting spreadsheet. Need a new hip? Why should Medicare spend that money on a 75-year old when they probably won’t live that much longer? Why would Medicare want to keep a chronically-ill older citizen alive when it isn’t going to cure anything (and most likely that person will never have the same quality of life that a younger person would?) Are you worth enough to society to keep you medicated, or are you just a waste of good money?

The really sinful comparison is that if you have ever been in a nursing home or facility after bedtime, you will hear the same kind of sobbing and crying coming from those elderly citizens because they too are cold, lonely, and scared. I dare you to imagine the increase in suffering that will take place if Obamacare is fully implemented. Obama is willing to murder newborn children, as evidenced by his votes in the Illinois State Senate and his fierce pursuit of funding abortion with taxpayer dollars. So don’t you think that he is more than willing to withhold medical care from those he and his “elitist Progressives” deem a burden to society? If a human being has no respect for the beginning of life, why should they have it for those at the end of life?

The same tears I shed for those unborn and newborn children who are murdered in such a brutal way, I shed for the elderly, the infirm, and the chronically ill. They are tears of anger and disgust that a country such as ours can treat life so callously. Barack Obama is a man who has proven that he is the enemy, not the friend of the sick, the weak, and the helpless; yet he proclaims to the rooftops that he is exactly that. Really? I’m asking senior citizens, to take a good hard look at Barack Obama, not through the rose-colored glasses of your political ideology but in reality. Do you really want to turn your health care decisions over to bean counters who only weigh your worth as a human being in the weight of silver and gold? Do you really believe that God created you only as an accounting item? I would rather die sitting in my rocker out on my porch somewhere as a free man, surrounded by family, then in some government warehouse that I was placed into because my loved ones couldn’t afford to keep me home.  Is that really the way you want to be treated? I think NOT, and in November, I ask you to think about those doomed unborn and your elderly loved ones. Who’s going to make their health care decisions for them: you, or the government? Think hard about it.

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