Senators unveil “Tea Party Budget” plan to “Stop the debt,” balance the budget in 5 years


Great news! Fiscal conservatives chalked up yet another victory in their march to “stop the debt” yesterday, when three “tea party”-aligned U.S. senators unveiled a comprehensive balanced budget that closely resembles the grassroots-generated “Tea Party Budget” proposal.

The bold plan — unveiled by Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah, and Jim DeMint of South Carolina — would:

Cut $9+ trillion from the the budget over the next decade
Eliminate 4 departments (Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD)
Repeal ObamaCare in its entirety
Reform entitlements
Balance the budget in 5 years, and
Stop the debt

Like The Tea Party Budget report on which it draws, the “tea party” senators’ budget would convert massive deficits to healthy surpluses by 2017.

Officially titled “A Platform to Revitalize America,” the senators’ bill would also privatize the TSA, shrink the EPA by 50 percent, freeze foreign aid at $5 billion a year, sell off excess federal land, and shutter or downsize dozens of unconstitutional or unaffordable programs and agencies.

This is the boldest, most serious budget proposal introduced in Congress in our lifetimes. We at FreedomWorks will be proudly encouraging our 1.5 million grassroots activist members to get behind it.

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