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Selective Outrage



Having lived in the realm of politics for some time as a commentator now, I have become aware of the many hypocrisies involved. We all know the usual flip-flopping, the straight-out lying, and the failed promises of politicians and their mouthpieces in the media. The one thing that really frustrates me the most isn’t from the politicians, though.

Sheeple. They are people who soak up the misinformation and lies by politicians and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media. Even if a person states something that I can agree with, but they can’t explain their reasoning for coming to that conclusion, they are a problem as well.

Worse are the people with selective outrage. They have come to conclusions based on emotion and not logic, usually from soaking up a politician’s or media network’s agenda-driven BS.

Selective outrage is exploding all over the country in light of the tragedy in Connecticut. Emotions always run high after a senseless incident like a mass murder or a terrorist attack. Now that politicians see an opening to force a policy change down our throats, they are in high gear with shaping the emotions of sheeple. Emotional thinking is void of all logic.

Here’s an easy example. After Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast of the US, there were wide area cases of looting.  The media had no problem showing signs in front of houses with sayings such as “You Loot, We Shoot.” (I actually like those signs, but that’s not the point.) Now after the senseless killings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, the establishment determined it’s the perfect time to disarm America. Emotions are running high. The anti-gun crowd is out in full force. “Tolerant” liberals are threatening the lives of gun owners and the NRA. (That’s another story, but it all ties into selective outrage.) It’s citizens’ hypocrisy as a result of the establishment’s hypocrisy. The same folks who are screaming now about banning guns and demanding that our President ban guns are the same crowd that sat silently as President Obama’s administration ran guns into Mexico resulting in the deaths of teenagers there.

These same all-of-a-sudden anti-gun folks sat silently weekend after weekend as gang members killed one another, along with innocent citizens by the dozens. They’re also the people who didn’t care about the fact that the Obama administration is supplying countries and terrorist organizations in the Middle East with money and weaponry, who then use the materials and cash to kill our soldiers and allies.

It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy in my opinion. These misinformed, know-nothing, hypocritical, selective outrage sufferers are a great threat to our republic because they vote. They vote based on their emotions. They are the reason social issues have become heavily entrenched into political discourse. Social and economic issues are now intertwined, and it’s eroding our traditions. As long as the same career/establishment politicians are in power, and the masses continue to fund the mainstream media that indoctrinates them, things won’t change.You can thank the sheeple for today’s social and political climate, and I’ll thank you tomorrow when you join me in changing it.

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