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SEIU Helps Illegal Aliens Steal American Jobs


by Kevin “Coach” Collins
The invasion of illegal aliens who are sneaking over our southern border every day places the very life of our nation in jeopardy. This onslaught of poor illiterates brings nothing we need or can’t provide for ourselves, but they do bring an array of social problems we don’t need. These people are a clear and present danger to all of us; so we need everyone to roll up his/her sleeves and get to work to stop this flood of problems. This is why the treachery from the anti-American SEIU is so serious.

The Service Employee International Union (SEIU) has been carrying out an effective program to aid and abet the illegal aliens streaming into our country to steal the jobs of its own members.

On Monday the results of an audit, conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on a large Minnesota firm were leased and they caught the SEIU red-handed. The audit focused on the employees of Harvard Maintenance Inc., a national corporation that offers janitorial services.

The ICE audit has brought about the firing of 240 illegal aliens who had worked for Harvard with the full cooperation of Local 26 of the SEIU.

In a totally disingenuous move no doubt suggested by the SEIU, Harvard Maintenance has given the illegal alien employees 90 days to “rectify irregularities in their employment eligibility documents” before their scheduled terminations were to become effective.

Ninety days to rectify what? How can you become an American citizen in three months? This was nothing more than a trick to buy enough time to sneak new illegals into this company while banking that the ICE people will be too busy to come back and re-check the status of Harvard’s workers.

The Local 26 shakes its members down for an average of $36.75 per month in dues. That’s more than $154,000 a year from just one company’s members. The illegals were being forced to turn over around $9,000 a month, and the Local’s website brags of 5,000 members. That’s more than $2 million a year in collected dues.

Why would the thugs at the SEIU willing roll over and give that up? The union president — who makes $97, 172 — said, “Our community is traumatized.” The workers make about $29, 120, a third of what the “traumatized” president makes.

This begs the question: Is it you or the community that is traumatized, Mr. President?

The aim of these union thugs is always to keep the dues money coming in, and they don’t care who is paying those dues. Whether or not American workers lose their jobs to keep them in power means nothing to them.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted by permission.


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