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Secrets Buried in the Immigration Reform Bill


Why exactly are RINO Republicans, supposedly on the Right, like Marco Rubio appearing in a national multimillion dollar ad campaign to push so-called “Immigration Reform”? And who exactly is paying for these 60-second infomercials that are literally being broadcast from coast to coast? We would expect that it is RINO Neocons like Karl Rove or radical leftist groups that want open borders. On the contrary, it is mega-corporations who are primarily funding the ad blitz, with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg topping the donation list.

Zuckerberg, a bleeding heart liberal in bed with the Obama administration sharing an agenda with the Neocons?

You betcha!

And here’s why: We often think of illegal aliens hunched over, picking crops; but the real cash crop for the big tech companies are those in online tech support or those hunched over circuit boards,  soldering components twelve hours a day in sweltering conditions, or zombies putting widgets together. It’s not about bringing low-wage agricultural workers, lawn care workers, etc. out of the shadows as we are led to believe, but giving the mega tech companies and Neocon military-industrial complex industries access to low-wage employees.

But that is only the secondary reason. The primary reason they’re bankrolling the so-called Immigration Reform Bill is to let Obama’s corporate cronies off the hook for millions of dollars in fines and a get-out-of-jail-free card for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

According to the just-released Government Accountability Project report, entitled “Corporate Amnesty in S.744 Immigration Bill”:

A little-discussed provision buried in the immigration bill which passed out of the Senate on June 27, 2013 (S. 744) would let employers off the hook for previously hiring illegal immigrants—a Get Out of Jail Free card that could help companies dodge millions of dollars in fines and penalties, legal fees, and evade prosecution or imprisonment for guilty executives.

The stakes are high for Barack Obama’s corporate welfare cronies: Fines for hiring illegal aliens can reach as high as $16,000 per employee, and executives could face long prison terms. This last possibility has Obama’s buddy Mark Zuckerberg very worried.

That’s why the RINO Neocons and Obama’s democratic political cronies slipped this little gem in the Immigration Reform Bill, buried deep inside the 1000+ pages:

Copies of employment records or other evidence of employment provided by an alien or by an alien’s employer in support of an alien’s application for registered provisional immigrant status under section 245B may not be used in a civil or criminal prosecution or investigation of that employer… Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 Section 245B

If the phony Immigration “Reform” Bill is signed into law, once again, Obama’s corporate welfare buddies will win; and the American people, as usual, will lose. And once again, like Obama’s Green Jobs fiasco, taxpayers will pick up the tab for Obama’s corporate cronyism.


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