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Secession: Can A Conservative State of America Spell Success?


Believers in American traditions and exceptionalism should consider secession as a response to the Obama victory.

Yes, secession from the United States- meaning its current mindset- not literally! Center-right patriots feel adrift. Here’s a suggested course of action that isn’t as drastic as the one the South chose generations ago.

Unlike the War Between The States, this secession won’t be violent, but it must be visionary.

We should form a national network of liberty-loving groups under one umbrella to establish a virtual “conservative state of America” within what has elected to become a social democracy.

This is by no means a retreat from electoral politics, nor conventional life. We would still pay taxes, shop, and do everything others do.

The only difference is enjoying an established community where traditional values are the norm and practiced regardless of how liberal government becomes.

Conservatism faced its racial, religious, and other civic demons and can at last institute a virtual state of America where all hues and views loving liberty can prosper.

This conservative state of America isn’t born out of hate. It’s the product of a love so vast it assumes infinite forms: founding fathers, abolitionists, confederates, civil rights marchers, and now a diverse American coalition that shares the same values.

A virtual conservative state of America could spell success in elections but also in re-loading the culture to return itself after embracing socialism.

An online conservative state of America could spell success for traditionalists wondering if American traditions are about to be permenantly deleted.


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