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School officials mistake mints for drugs but still punish students


Four high schoolers in Illinois were recently suspended after administrators noticed they were ingesting what appeared to be white pills.

In reality, the kids were actually eating perfectly legal energy mints, but that didn’t stop overzealous officials from reprimanding them.

To do otherwise, after all, would require the administration to admit it was wrong.

Instead, the father of one of the suspended students said officials doubled down and accused the teens of “gross misconduct,” calling the mints “an unknown product.”

Unknown to school leaders, perhaps, but the students eating them obviously knew exactly what they were.

One of the teens, a junior who has never been in trouble at school prior to this incident, commented on the apparently arbitrary punishment.

“People bring energy drinks to school everyday,” he said. “I see this everyday and we get in trouble for energy mints?”

He is requesting an apology from the school while his father wants to see the teens’ readmitted to school and their records expunged.

According to the father, school staff called him and confirmed the students’ stories checked out, adding all of the individuals involved were cooperative when asked about the mints.

The suspension stands, though, keeping four students from not only attending school but the homecoming activities set for the following weekend. Parents should sleep easier knowing that while girls can receive abortion pills without parental notification in public school, at least the breath-freshening epidemic is under control.


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