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Several states, including Pennsylvania, are finding their voter ID Required to Vote Law being challenged by the Justice Dept. and/or the ACLU. Now for what reason could the liberals not want Voter ID? To begin with, most of the people they say it will hurt are already voting by absentee ballot by mail.

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The liberals trotted out their usual poster child, a 93 year old woman (black, of course), Viviette Applewhite (a former Civil Rights marcher), who claimed her birth certificate and Social Security Card are missing since her purse was stolen years ago. (She finally received a birth certificate after this lawsuit was filed). But Applewhite stated to get a photo ID she now needs a Social Security card (untrue), so she needs to make a trip in her wheelchair to a Social Security office. I wondered where she actually votes, and how she gets there in her wheelchair. The ACLU claims we are finding this law disproportionately affects the elderly who no longer drive and have mobility problems. Again, absentee ballots are what most use now.

You have to use a photo ID to do most anything nowadays. To cash a check at the bank, to draw out funds, to get a passport, for most medical offices and use of insurance, for prescriptions, to use a credit card, to write a check, to sign up for social security or Medicare, to get on a ship, to get on a  plane, to go to any other country, to show a police officer, to sign a deed to buy a house, to get anything notarized and on and on. So why is it suddenly so difficult to obtain one if it is for the elections, and do they already have one? Even Mexico now requires a valid picture ID and a thumb print for Mexicans to vote.

As of now, only 13 states require Voter ID. Several others await Dept of Justice approval (from Eric Holder?). The Dept. of Justice has halted the Texas Voter ID law (for now). The ACRU, American Civil Rights Union–(pro answer to ACLU) attorneys are taking steps to petition to stop election fraud called the 2012 Ballot Security and Election Fraud Prevention Project. They have filed a legal Amicus Curiae brief in the Supreme Court in defense of Indiana’s right to require a photo ID vote to ensure honest elections, and are working to get Voter ID laws passed in every state. Now why would the liberal democrats ferociously fight these states making these laws? According to the ACRU, when there is a run-off or recount in close elections, it is sure strange that it almost always gains votes for the liberals, such as Al Franken in Minnesota. Suddenly, votes came out of the thin air. At least 341 convicted felons had voted illegally, and Franken only won by 312 votes.  Strange! Obamacare passed by only one vote in the Senate. Al Franken cast the deciding vote. If this election had not been stolen we might not even had had Obamacare.

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