Sarah Palin enraged at Daily Caller for printing her side of story


Sarah Palin speaking CPAC 2 SC

Thank god Sarah Palin ended her lengthy moratorium on complaining about liberal media bias, because someone had to make sure Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller didn’t get away with this shoddy reporting job.

The Caller was writing up the story of how Sarah Palin’s reality show received a generous tax credit thanks to legislation signed into law by Sarah Palin. (That was strike one!) After explaining where the story came from and quoting some critics (strike two!), the story goes on to quote — for three full paragraphs — Palin’s responses to the criticism and her defense of the program that subsidizes filming in Alaska. I think, if I’m reading Sarah Palin’s ferocious Facebook response to the story correctly, that was strike three.

The Caller’s Chris Moody, author of the story, is obviously a sexist Palin-hater. Look at how he ended his article:

In order to obtain answers to the aforementioned questions, Palin’s aide required the Daily Caller to post the former governor’s statements in their entirety.

He then went on to reprint Palin’s lengthy statements, unexpurgated, because her office demanded that he do so, despite that being essentially unheard of in professional journalism. He also did it because he wanted to embarrass and smear her.

Palin is outraged that her statement to the Caller was “buried” where no one would ever even notice it. That is, it was quoted at length on Page 1 and then printed in its entirety on Page 2. And what kind of nerdlinger reads two pages of anything? As Palin writes, “I gave them a statement that the writer buried on his story’s second page (which most people won’t even notice — I didn’t even notice it)….” Sexist liberal media bias! Case closed.

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