Ryan’s Future: In Romney White House Or US House?


JANESVILLE, Wis. (Official Wire) — There are plenty of reasons for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to choose Rep. Paul Ryan as a running mate.

The whip-smart Wisconsin congressman is from a battleground state. He’s the GOP’s leading voice on the nation’s budget and is the rare member of the Republican establishment who’s loved by the tea party.

“If that bridge ever came, I would consider crossing it,” Ryan told The Associated Press in an interview this month. He added: “I really don’t have tremendous political ambition. I have policy ambition.”

Yes, that’s the typical humble-speak of someone who’s a potential vice presidential candidate. But it’s also true that Ryan has let political opportunities pass before, choosing to focus on taming what he calls a “big, dysfunctional government” beset by unsustainable spending.

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