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Ryan, you phony, we’re still waiting for the debate!


Paul Ryan Official SC

Isn’t it amazing that the very moment someone is elected to any office, he or she instantly becomes an expert on EVERYTHING? Just name it, and he /she knows all about it (and certainly much more than you or I.) Paul Ryan is a case in point. He has built a reputation as a fiscal policy expert over his years in Washington. Now he is an expert in immigration matters; just ask him.

Ask Paul Ryan about why he was not able to effectively present a case for throwing out the first president with steady 8% + unemployment, and he doesn’t have much to say. Ryan’s financial expertise did America no good last year. When he had a chance to shine even in his own field, he failed. Ryan flopped.

But Ryan “knows” all about what’s good for you and me because he is an “expert” on everything. On immigration, this jackass wants us to coddle the burglars who have broken into our home and wants us not to call the police, not to fix the kicked-in backdoor they sneaked through. He wants us to fix them breakfast and every other meal, drive their kids to the government schools we pay for, and give their college-age kids our kids’ seats  in college classrooms. He wants us to disregard the crimes these people have committed so they can “come out of the shadows,” as if WE put them in “the shadows.” He wants us to give these burglars our healthcare and let them vote on who should run our country.

This unprincipled quisling has lied to us about his willingness to debate “anyone” on the merits of “Immigration Reform.”  Mark Levin and the staff of the Heritage Foundation want to debate Ryan, but of course he won’t answer. He can’t because he knows all of what he says is a lie.

Why Paul Ryan thinks what Nancy Pelosi wants is more important than what actual Americans want is mystifying.  But if he gets his way, NOTHING else will matter because there will be no United States of America. We might as well change our motto from “In God we trust” to “What difference now does it make?”

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