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Ryan Roasts Big Mouth Biden at Debate


For those who keep track of such things, at the debate last night, Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan eighty-two times, angrily throwing up his arms, his face often contorted in rage. One commentator said Biden came across as a cranky old man. When he wasn’t angrily interrupting, he was smirking and laughing, often at the oddest times, as when Ryan was discussing a nuclear Iran.

Paul Ryan on the other hand came across as presidential, polite, reasoned, and most importantly, truthful.

Truth. That’s something we don’t get much of with the Obama administration. And Biden spent the first few minutes of the debate extending the Bengazi-Gate debacle even further than his boss. He had the audacity to state on national television that the Libyan consulate hadn’t asked for extra security prior to 9/11. This after extensive Congressional hearings where Congressman Issa showed the State Department the cables where the security detail repeatedly asked for additional security. After the debate, even MSNBC took Uncle Joe to task for this whopper. You know when a liberal loses MSNBC that they’re in trouble.

Despite Uncle Joe’s crazy antics, Paul Ryan cogently presented the Romney-Ryan plan of fiscal sanity, reform of our entitlement system, and a reversal of the Obama administration’s gutting of our military.

Instead of Obama’s “leading from behind” strategy, he echoed Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” that makes the world safer instead of (under Obama) a world that is burning before our very eyes.


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