Ryan: ‘It Is Our Duty to Save the American Dream for Our Children’


( – Speaking in his home-state of Wisconsin Sunday evening, Rep. Paul Ryan — tapped to be Mitt Romney’s running mate — described the election as a stark choice between a president who has made a mess of things and a team who “can turn this around.”

“We can get this economy turned around,” Ryan told an enthusiastic crowd. “We can get people back to work, and most importantly, I look at my kids — Sam, I’m over here! I look at my kids — it’s been a long day for them. I look at my kids, and I want them to have the kind of future that I had. That’s what my Dad always told me. In this country, every generation fixes their problems, makes things better, and leaves their kids better off. It is our duty to save the American dream for our children.”

Ryan said Obama got exactly what he wanted when he took office — a Democrat majority in Congress for the first two years that helped him advance his liberal agenda:

“He passed almost every item on his agenda. It’s law now,” Ryan said. “And now we’re seeing the results: A country with a health care system that’s about to be taken over. A country with four years of trillion dollar deficits. A country in economic stagnation. The worst economic recovery in 70 years. The largest deficits and the biggest government since WWII. Nearly one in six Americans are in poverty today. It’s the highest rate in a generation.”

The crowd cheers Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and vice presidential running mate Rep. Paul Ryan R-Wis., at a campaign event at the Waukesha county expo center, Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012 in Waukesha, Wis. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Voters “have a big choice to make,” Ryan continued:

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