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Breaking: Russian Military Vehicles Just Invaded Ukraine

The Guardian's Shaun Walker and the Telegraph's Roland Oliphant both saw the...


A column of Russian armored personnel carriers (APCs) entered into Ukraine today.

The Guardian’s Shaun Walker and the Telegraph’s Roland Oliphant both saw the APCs cross the Russia-Ukraine border.

However, correspondent Shaun Walker believes that the Russian force of APCs does not constitute a proper invasion force.

The APCs had been escorting a humanitarian convoy to the beleaguered rebels in Ukraine, but the convoy halted before the border while the APCs continued on. Ukraine is suffering a humanitarian disaster, with thousands short of water, electricity, and medical aid.

NATO believes that there are 20,000 Russian troops massed along the border, while Ukraine says there are 45,000. According to Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko, “about 45,000 troops of the armed forces and internal forces of the Russian Federation are concentrated in border areas.” It’s not just infantry, either. The spokesman said the infantry were supported by 160 tanks, 1,360 armoured vehicles, 390 artillery systems, up to 150 Grad missile launchers, 192 fighter aircraft, and 137 attack helicopters.

NATO thinks that there is a “high probability” that Russia will intervene militarily in eastern Ukraine.

Is this just an isolated case of Russian troops entering the Ukraine? Or does it mean that Russian troops will launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the future?

Photo credit: Kadir Aksoy (Flickr)


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