Rush tops Stern as the “most important radio talk show host of all time”


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Talkers Magazine, there’s an all-time list of the “Heaviest Hundred.” Calling him “The most important innovator in modern news/talk,” Rush Limbaugh took the top spot on the list. At #2, the talker called “the standard by which younger-demo talk is judged,” Sirius XM’s Howard Stern.

Rush Limbaugh arms crossed SC

Following Limbaugh and Stern to round out the top-10, in order, is Larry King, Sean Hannity, Don Imus, Arthur Godfrey (called the “pioneer of unscripted talk radio”), Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Sally Jessy Raphael, Barry Gray (called the “father of the call-in show”) and Bruce Williams. Talkers Magazine Editor & Publisher Michael Harrison tells Radio-Info, “Rush is a part of a movement that he has influenced and defines as a whole an historic genre of radio. Stern might have been #1 for the greatest shock-jocks or DJ’s or greatest entertainers.”

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