Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

If the money is right and Conan O’Brien is game, Rupert Murdoch would have him join the Fox family “in a flash.” This is the latest in the post-late night war odyssey of finding a new home for the displaced Tonight Show host and his unique brand of comedy.


While Murdoch, speaking to Reuters, noted that there have not been any “real negotiations” with the O’Brien camp and that there are “different opinions” on the matter, with the right numbers he did admit he is interested in entering the world of late night entertainment.

This is good news for both parties: O’Brien is looking for a new job with a higher probability of success than The Tonight Show and Murdoch is always ready to welcome unique, innovative entertainers among his ranks, the variable being that Murdoch’s experience with larger-than-life television characters has been limited outside of the political opinion circuit and Fox’s track record with late night programs so far is nothing short of dismal.

The last time Murdoch took a chance on a quirky rodeo clown of outstanding paleness, he changed cable news forever.

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Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

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