Running and Ruining America for the Benefit of China


By Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media


On CNN on January 16, Lou Dobbs, perhaps the most honest and outspoken major media commentator, told the truth about the Wall Street bailout. “Treasury Secretary Paulson basically used the money to bail out his buddies on Wall Street, and don’t let anybody kid you,” he said.

One day earlier, however, the Senate had voted 52-42 to give Paulson’s successor another $350 billion. That successor is supposed to be another Wall Street insider, Timothy Geithner. He is just as tainted as Paulson.

As President Obama takes office, America has become an international laughingstock―a “Bailout Nation” that continues to slide further and further into debt as bailout after bailout fails to work. Yet, Obama’s prescription is more of the same.


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