Rubio’s Thirstiness Trumps Obama’s Untruthfulness


Marco Rubio Official SC

Media Bias: In his State of the Union, President Obama repeatedly misled the American people on matters of huge substance. Afterward, somehow, the big story is … a bottle of water during the Republican rebuttal.

Why does a re-elected chief executive, dubiously claiming a mandate from the people, insult the intelligence of millions of Americans struggling to stay afloat in a contracting economy during the worst economic recovery on record with ludicrous contentions like this: “After years of grueling recession, our businesses have created over 6 million new jobs”?

Why does he present an electorate that just returned him to power with the wild claim that “already, the Affordable Care Act is helping to slow the growth of health care costs”? As IBD was first to report last September, health insurance premiums under ObamaCare are up by over $3,000 on average over four years — rising with no end in sight.

Why does the man who brought us trillion-dollar deficits and $16.5 trillion in national debt serve up a whopper like this: “Over the last few years, both parties have worked together to reduce the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion — mostly through spending cuts, but also by raising tax rates on the wealthiest 1% of Americans.”

This president isn’t running for anything, and can be honest and get down to the real work of solving our unprecedented problems — like reaching across the aisle to fix the entitlement juggernaut that will break the nation’s fiscal back without action.

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