The lineup of speakers at this week’s Democratic National Convention features a who’s who of Big Abortion. The abortion profiteers list includes Cecile Richards, head of the nation’s top abortion provider, Planned Parenthood; Nancy Keenan, head of NARAL Pro-Choice America; and Georgetown University contraception activist Sandra Fluke, who wants American taxpayers to fund abortion and birth control.

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Each day, the convention will highlight politicians and Hollywood stars hostile to religious freedom and the pro-life cause. If in attendance, pro-life Democrats are to be seen, but not heard. The message is clear: If you are a pro-life Democrat, you are not welcome at this Democratic-establishment abortion-palooza. The party that spins diversity is signaling to pro-lifers that they have no business showing up in Charlotte, N.C.

President Obama’s brand of hope and change, which won over many, has turned into a campaign of despair, division and pro-abortion activism. His accomplishments certainly aren’t seen in the economy. His record makes him the most pro-abortion, anti-religion president in American history. By casting the convention as largely one about abortion and the anti-religious freedom and anti-First Amendment mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party think they can capture a large enough share of the women’s vote to compensate for their problems with other constituencies. They’ve severely misunderstood their target demographic. Women are not single-issue oriented and women are deadlocked when it comes to the pro-life-versus-pro-abortion question.

The reality is that any gender gap that may exist is not because of abortion. In fact, in a Gallup poll this year, 46 percent of women identified themselves as pro-life while 44 percent identified as pro-choice. The pro-life numbers are even higher among married women.

However, the close numbers are largely recorded in an up and down question: Are you pro-life or pro-choice? When the discussion comes to taxpayer funding of abortion, leaving abortion survivors to die, partial-birth abortion, sex-selective abortion and abortion after the unborn child can feel pain, women even more frequently find these positions objectionable, abhorrent and even grotesque. Women don’t see late-term abortions and a government-subsidized abortion industry as their future.

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