Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Explained


Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy which aligns with our first president’s philosophy about foreign entanglements seems to be a thorn in the side of the established Republicans who feel Israel must be an exception even though its Prime Minister says they do not need the financial aid. Being a consummate Libertarian, Paul makes no exceptions which brings the wrath of God on his head by the evangelical community.

For decades the GOP establishment figures the sheep will vote for any Republican candidate it chooses. If Paul doesn’t win, rather than not vote at all, the least we can do is go to the polls to vote for strong conservative people to be elected to the Senate and the House of Representatives where all appropriation bills originate and we surely must believe this time around any of those running for president on the GOP ticket will be better than Obama; however, never underestimate Barack and his well-oiled campaign and all his forced union dues money.

When Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) filed once again to run for President, he found RINOs hard pressed to even mention his name not alone say they’ll vote for him if he wins. It’s such a double standard and many voters are getting tired of voting the lesser of two evils but we’ve been burned so often by the smaller government rhetoric, which is now being advocated by Obama also, that we just don’t trust them anymore but I have to admit Gingrich really kicked butt at the South Carolina debate on the 16th receiving the first-ever standing ovation. Now, if we could only believe he wouldn’t flip flop again.

Paul’s persistent message has been resonating with more and more disgruntled Republicans, Independents and Democrats. Many Republicans are former Democrats who exited that party in the 60s when it began patronizing left-wing radicalism. For example, after the Watts Riots in 1965, which the Communists admitted they spent two years to foment, the Communists brought out this pamphlet entitled: “Watts Upsurge: A Communist Appraisal” indicating the challenge of the Watts explosion could be met only by a truly massive program of more government entitlements. This created more dependency on government by the slothful and class warfare and the eventual “white guilt” that elected Obama in 2008. Nothing happens by accident in government.

After Watts, Democrat leaders apologized to the rioters and gave them whatever they wanted and now we have the spoiled Occupy “Squatters.” While I doubt Presidential candidate Ron Paul supports the movement with its chaos and disruption in our communities, he can feel their sense of frustration because he’s been there – done that with his message for years only to be rebuffed and criticized by GOP leaders, the conservative media who seem to be Paul’s worst enemies stooping so low as to call him a racist! This is why we are seeing a variety of strange bedfellows and a blending of different causes including some of his Libertarian views agreeing with the liberal American Civil Liberties Union, for instance, which we’ve known for a long time, is a front for the Communist Party.

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