Ron Paul Rally’s the Youth Vote, Draws Big Crowds


Hot on the heels of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in Iowa, Ron Paul is rallying the youth vote and drawing big crowds.

Speaking to a standing-room-only gathering of more than 1,000 college-age students in Ames, Iowa, Thursday night, Paul declared again that the war on drugs had been a failure, reminding the audience that more people had died in preventing people from using drugs than from the drugs themselves.

“I’m just not frightened by a free society,” said Paul. “I’m frightened by those who prevent us from having a free society. That’s where the real threats are.”

The Paul campaign has picked up steam and has its sights set on new national front-runner Newt Gingrich, by going after the anti-Washington, anti-establishment voters. Paul’s speech Thursday night again attacked the Patriot Act, telling the audience that it passed quickly and overwhelmingly even though it contained “a lot of bad stuff.”

Gingrich and Paul sparred over the Patriot Act during a recent CNN debate in which Gingrich advocated for strengthening the law, which provides law enforcement authorities enhanced tools to combat terrorism.

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