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Romney’s Affirmative Action campaign


If Mitt Romney believed Barack Obama was his equal, he would fight him from every possible legitimate avenue of attack, just as President Obama is proving there is nothing he won’t do as he clings to lies and gutter tactics.

Instead, because his adversary is a black man, he refuses to use the only sure-fire way to shut President Obama up and drive him from the presidency in disgrace and possibly handcuffs, in defense of America. Romney has the same progressive streak as John McCain, a willingness to suspend reality to the detriment of the country for a “go along to get along” fantasy where he is accepted by the Left.  He is hung up on being called a racist if he (God forbid!) treats President Obama as an equal, forgetting that no matter what he does, Leftists and the media believe if you are a Republican or Conservative, you are one anyway.

It’s a warped version of political affirmative-action. President Obama is spared the truth being used against him by the “racist white man” while Obama can throw proven lies around, and because he is black, they are accepted without question.

Were Romney man enough to show America he will fight proudly with the truth and that he deserves to be Commander-in-Chief, the next time some Obama toady in the press asked Romney to show his tax records, or more documents on Bain Capital, he’d be prepared.

He would make a speech about America’s greatness and the honor to be in a position to represent her all over the world, to follow our founding fathers blueprint, our Constitution, into glory once again. He would declare pride at growing up and learning about capitalism because it has been the greatest force for life, freedom, and prosperity on the face of the earth.

He should open a briefcase and pull out two documents.

He should slap down his birth certificate and his selective service card.

In the name of “Fairness,” he should promise to release other documents as soon as Barack Obama matches with his birth certificate and selective service card.

He should challenge the media to examine who they are talking to before demanding any American citizen open up his life to someone they know nothing about. He should refuse to ever again entertain any questions about anything in his past until his unknown opponent identifies himself.

Romney will have proved that he is a rugged American, willing to stand up for the Constitution and use truth to fight lies.

Mitt Romney must be willing to stand up for himself and, by extension, America with the same tenacity and vehemence with which the attacks on him are launched.

Nothing else is necessary to put him over the line without an opponent who can do the same.

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