Romney Wins Florida, Newt Wins Conservatives


Mitt Romney heads into the next phase of the Republican presidential nominating contest carrying a big win under his belt, after reasserting his frontrunner status with a crushing victory over Newt Gingrich in Florida.

However, Romney and the rest of the Republican candidates will have to fine-tune their approach as they enter the bevy of contests scattered all across the country in February, starting in Nevada this Saturday.

There are no historically decisive primaries on the horizon, no big-ticket behemoths that are considered make-or-break for a primary candidate. Instead, the candidates face what could be a drawn-out race for delegates, one that will force the campaigns to make more strategic decisions about where and when to allocate resources.

As supporters waved signs emblazoned with the words, “46 States To Go,” Gingrich declared he plans to defeat “money power” with “people power” in the coming months, casting his campaign as a counterbalance to the “establishment.”

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