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Romney, Obama make final dash to shore up states on election eve


President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney will spend their final day before the election stumping in battleground states crucial to each campaign’s electoral hopes.

Obama will focus on shoring up his Midwestern firewall of Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin, while Romney will swing through Florida, Virginia and Ohio before finishing his day in New Hampshire.

The two will wrap up weeks of exhaustive barnstorming in what is a razor’s-edge election, with polls Sunday showing the candidates in a dead heat nationally and within striking distance of each other in multiple swing states.
An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Obama with a 1-point edge, at 48-47; an ABC News/Washington Post poll also put the president up 1, at 49-48. Conservative-leaning Rasmussen showed Obama and Romney tied, with 49 percent each.

Romney’s stops in Florida and Virginia on Monday come just weeks after his campaign confidently predicted the states were locks for him.

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)


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