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Romney Is Not Our Guy



What’s the best way to win an election? Destroy your opponent! The pundidiots and the establishment “good ole boys” have been telling us for months that Romney is our man. To prove it, Romney and the media have been on a destructive rampage against anyone who threatens to take it away from Romney.. yet Mr. Romney can’t get a suitable following in any race. Not yet! Is it any wonder he goes on a ten million dollar attack against Santorum? If he can’t get a majority, he probably figures he’ll win by default after he destroys all his opponents.

Now if his plan works, how does he win the general election? Personal attacks? That strengthens the Democrats’ base. Now we all know Obama can’t run on his record, and that’s the thing to attack. But we also need solutions. And what happens when the subject is changed by the Obama minions and conspirators? What happens when Mr. Romney is faced with a situation or question he didn’t have scripted?

The point here is that we have allowed the high-priced Romney machine to chase us away from the best and probably only candidate that can out-think and out-debate Obama on his feet. That man is Newt Gingrich! Oh, I know, we’re told he has too much baggage. They drudged up his ex-wife from years ago to repeat and bolster the same old hateful rhetoric we’ve heard from her before. Sour grapes from a woman scorned. Then Mr. Romney fires up his mud machine to finish the job. Gingrich supporters tuck tail, and run!

Apparently no one has asked, “what kind of character does a mudslinging liberal like Romney have?” If you have to do that to win an election, how strong are you? Obviously, too many voters haven’t learned from past lessons. Remember McCain? The establishment and media loved him; what a cruel joke! Remember Bob Dole? We were told that he deserved the nomination because of his devoted service. Too bad the electorate thought we needed a better reason to elect a President!

Fact is, there is no perfect candidate, and there never will be. There is still one good candidate who can take it to Obama and win. One good man who will make the big bold changes we really need.

He’s proven he can and will do it. When Gingrich was Speaker of the House, he incurred the wrath of Democrats and big spending Republicans alike. The Dems lodged 84 false allegations of ethics violations against him, and the big spending Republicans launched a mutiny to wrest the speakership away from him. Both failed! Gingrich was exonerated (sorry Mitt-you’re wrong). He also defeated the disloyal traitors in his own party to save his Speakership. He didn’t leave Congress in shame! He left with his head held high after 4 years of balanced budgets and reformed welfare. And all that against a liberal democrat in the Presidency!

I would like to see Republicans vote the courage of their convictions. We all know Gingrich is most qualified to reverse the direction of this country. All this talk about electability is way off base! Of course he can’t win if you listen to the pundits and vote for a loser instead! It’s time to stop tucking tail and running. It’s time to choose the real winner, Newt Gingrich!

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