Romney campaign uses Obama’s line against him in attack ad


Washington (CNN) – Those fives words won’t seem to go away.

Hoping to continue capitalizing politically on what many consider a gaffe by President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign Thursday released a new television ad hitting the president on his comment, made last Friday, that “the private sector’s doing fine.”

The spot is the first negative campaign ad against Obama from Romney’s campaign in the general election campaign.

In the new 30 second spot, Mitt Romney’s team replays the president uttering the phrase several times while highlighting the nation’s economic woes by flashing on-screen text: “23.2 million Americans are unemployed,” “40 straight months over 8% unemployment” and “middle-class struggles deepen under Obama.”

The only voice heard in the spot is the president’s.

Read More at CNN. By Kevin Bohn.


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