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Robert Bales and Nidal Hasan- Another Obama Hypocrisy


Robert Bales, a US military soldier who served three tours of duty and has suffered traumatic brain injury as well as post traumatic stress disorder, is now awaiting immediate trial in Ft. Leavenworth,Kansas. He could face a possible death sentence for killing seventeen Afghani citizens.

Now, it is now being reported that Barack Hussein Obama has given the okay for the families of the victims to be compensated fifty thousand dollars for each death and eleven thousand dollars for each wounded.



In the meantime, Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter who killed OUR brave members of the military, still awaits justice. Have the families of our brave service men and women been compensated by Barack Hussein Obama? This is just another instance of hypocricy. It is very strange to me that our government can keep paying money out to our enemies,when we are BROKE.

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