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RINOs, Keep Your Mitts Off Our Party


by Doug Book

No group had less influence on the 2008 nomination of John McCain than the conservative base of the Republican Party.

Throughout the second term of the Bush presidency,  Democrats and their media flacks attacked and maligned the administration and, by extension, the entire Republican Party.  And as Karl Rove and George Bush had so completely and irresponsibly bought into the leftist-touted “new tone of D.C.  civility,” no response was made to this perpetual and disingenuous assault though it severely damaged GOP chances of retaining the White House.

As a result,  the only sort of nominee given a chance by party elders of reclaiming the Oval Office would be a  “non-Republican Republican,” that is,  a candidate far removed from the bedrock principles of conservatism so closely identified with the party base.

And the logical choice for such an  “unprincipled,” non-Republican was,  of course,  John McCain.

To the apparent glee of party elites,  John the Maverick not only abandoned many of the conservative positions to which he had feigned allegiance every six years,  he excoriated conservatives who worked to expose the radical record of Barack Obama.

Naturally,  this weak-kneed campaign of aisle-crossing appeasement disgusted even the moderates and undecideds it was designed to attract, and brought about an electoral debacle which has enabled a Marxist regime to rule the nation.

Incredibly,  Republican Party elites today appear eager to repeat the disaster of 2008 with the truly unprincipled Mitt Romney. The media,  of course,  are happy to assist in this head-long sprint to ruin as they know the selection of Romney would split the party and quite possibly lead to another GOP defeat.

And a lethal,  self-inflicted Republican wound is the best and perhaps only chance Barack Obama has of retaining his job.

Mitt has backers and money.  He’s the darling of party elites.  He debates and presents himself well.  But he is also the father of RomneyCare.  And this glass house of his own invention is the legacy which will effectively prevent the GOP from throwing stones at ObamaCare as a prime example of the president’s arrogance,  hunger for power, and contempt for the rights of the American citizen.

Romney is also pro-abortion…sometimes;  anti-gun…as a rule;  pro-amnesty…depending on when you catch him; and a believer in man-made global warming if the attending audience is, as well.

In spite of numerous advantages,  Mitt is not running away with the nomination, because the people who actually make up the Republican Party neither want a repeat of the McCain debacle nor do they want a Republican Obama in the Oval Office.

And the party base which had so little to do with the 2008 nominating process has now become the TEA parties who defeat  “invulnerable”  Republicans and frighten most GOP politicos into apoplexy.

Party elites support Romney simply because they believe an attractive,  well-spoken candidate with name recognition,  organization,  money, and support can win the election.  Platform,  principle, and that which is best for the nation be damned;  winning means power to these people, and that’s what it’s all about.

But even with the assistance of Chris Christie,  Chris Matthews,  deep pockets, and primaries scheduled to accommodate his perceived best interests, Willard Mitt Romney will not win the nomination.  This time around,  the Republican base will have its say.  This time around, the Left will not choose our candidate.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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