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Yet there were snipers in the hills at the Bundy Ranch with the latest M4 rifles.

And there was a whole lot of the same in suburban St. Louis last week.

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Are you shocked when many polls from many different pollsters show that not only do people not like their government, but no longer trust it?

This may be the single issue on which both sides of the political spectrum agree.

You may think that it’s OK to protect a turtle by stealing a family’s livelihood; but when the response to a protest against that from the government is the same as the response to the situation in Ferguson, you had better think twice. A police state knows no real ideology.

When our laws no longer protect us, all we have left is the people who stand up for those unalienable rights we all have. Those people should come from all sides of the political spectrum. Because unless you stand up, you could be next, no matter what your ideology.

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That said, everybody’s point has been made many times over; and it’s time for Reverend Al to crawl back under his rock and let the people of Ferguson deal with it.

They will.

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