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Want To Know How Out Of Touch Obama Is With The American People? This New Poll Has the Answer

When broken down by party affiliation, even a majority of Democrats say...


A recent YouGov poll offers some insight into the general public’s reaction to the continuing influx of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing America’s southern border. The survey also reveals what a majority of Americans believe is causing it.

As border agents are on track to detain nearly 100,000 children from Central America by the end of the year, many have criticized Barack Obama’s policy of de facto amnesty as the driver of this increased traffic. Word has spread to these foreign nations that, once on American soil, these illegals will be able to stay.

A full 58 percent of those polled say they believe this is the reason so many children have been making the dangerous journey to the U.S. in recent months. When broken down by party affiliation, even a majority of Democrats say the root cause of the influx is a belief that these kids will receive amnesty.

Of course, Republicans are far more likely to see this as the impetus. While 71 percent of GOP affiliates think an expectation of amnesty drives the illegal activity, less than two in 10 think the majority of children crossing the border are doing so to escape violence in their home countries.

When pollsters asked whether Americans approve of Obama’s immigration policy, just 32 percent said yes. Similarly to the response to the causation question, 58 percent responded that they disapprove of how he is handling the issue.

Bolstering these findings, a Washington Post poll released this week finds that Americans disapprove of Obama’s immigration policy by a nearly identical margin of 58 to 33 percent.

Finally, YouGov tracked Americans’ sentiment regarding immigration since the beginning of 2014. More than half –51 percent – now say the issue is ‘very important,’ which constitutes a precipitous jump from the recent low of about 35 percent just five months ago.

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