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Revealed: Obama Planned Attack on Syria in 2011


Just like George W. Bush planned on taking down Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein before 9/11, Barack Hussein Obama planned on taking down Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad before the so-called Syrian civil war began.

In a hacked email from intelligence giant Stratfor dated December 7, 2011, Pentagon officials are described as planning the toppling of the Syrian government before the civil war even began! This was just months after the war with Libya, in which Barack Obama illegally went to war with Muammar Gaddafi, failing to get approval from Congress, installing a regime now mainly made up of al-Qaeda.

There is no “civil war” in Syria, per se. True, some of the “rebels” are actually made up of Syrian citizens—most formerly destitute, most driven into war to provide for their families—but the majority are al-Qaeda mercenaries shipped in from Iraq, Libya, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, trained and armed by our own black ops special forces.  This is no secret. The “rebels” openly march around the streets with U.S.-supplied weapons flying the al-Qaeda flag, singing the praises of Osama Bin Laden.

In fact, yesterday, after Obama all but declared he was going to attack Syria, the Drudge Report headline screamed: “DOES OBAMA KNOW HE’S FIGHTING ON AL-QAEDA’S SIDE?

The answer: Yes, he does. He’s known it for almost three years. Remember Obama during the election: “Al-Qaeda is on the run!” Yes, Al-Qaeda is on the run. They’ve run right into Syria!

Obama knew it was al-Qaeda when he used Benghazi as a CIA hub to ship them hundreds—if not thousands—of shoulder-fired missiles, able to shoot down a commercial airliner. Apparently, the CIA wasn’t shipping the missiles fast enough, so al-Qaeda stole 400 missiles out of the CIA annex on September 11, 2012.  That’s why we’ll never get a straight answer about Benghazi. That’s why there was the ridiculous story about an anti-Muslim YouTube video.

Yes, it now looks like it was Bashar al-Assad—or elements within his military—that lobbed a chemical weapon at innocent civilians. Why he did it is not clear. The al-Qaeda rebels were losing the war. America was tiring of Obama going through rhetorical gymnastics trying to explain why we were on the side of al-Qaeda. And America was tired of Obama’s endless wars. Bashar al-Assad had nothing to gain by it. Still, it is fairly apparent the Assad regime was behind the attack.

Either way, it looks like Obama is going to attack Syria—“a quick, limited military strike”—whatever that means.

But make no mistake: the impending war between the United States and Syria is nothing more than a globalist push led by Barack Obama to gut another Arab country of its resources, killing thousands of innocents in the process, including our own troops.

Best case scenario: after Assad is deposed and the al-Qaeda rebels gain power, then they will become the new enemy; and the globalists—with Obama at the helm—will start their endless war all over again.

Worse case scenario—and many believe this is what will happen: Obama will lead us into World War III. The United States, the United Kingdom, and France—all in debt up to their ears—on one side, and those countries vowing retaliation—Russia, China, and Iran, all glutted with cash—on the other side.

And who will win? News flash: you need money to win a war.

Oh, there is a third scenario: thermonuclear war.

All brought to you by Barack Obama. All planned out almost three years ago.

And I have one question to the American people: When exactly are we going to impeach Barack Hussein Obama?


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