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They’re just three of the 26 murder victims in Chicago since Aug. 9, the day Brown was killed in suburban Ferguson.

All but one or two of the 26 dead Chicagoans were young black males. All but one or two were shot to death deliberately or by accident by other black males.

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Jenkins was 19. McCarty was 14. Antonio Smith, deliberately gunned down by local gangsters in a dead-end alley for unknown reasons, was 9.

Al Sharpton didn’t show up at their funerals. Neither did Spike Lee or Snoop Dogg. Neither did several underlings from the White House. Neither did Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper.

Black-on-black gang murders are too common. They’re not news. So they don’t bring good ratings or network camera teams.

It’s great to see the Rev. Al’s call for blacks to man-up and address the violence and gang culture that’s destroying their community and tainting their entire race.

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Now, if he’s really serious, he needs to take it to the streets and churches of Chicago.

Whether the cameras follow him there or not.

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