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Bill O’Reilly was heard on his show recently parroting the all-too-familiar adage about always “respecting the office of the President even if you don’t necessarily respect the president.” The discussion was about Obama’s heated reply to the outbursts of one Texas-based TV reporter who couldn’t wait to speak until the question-and-answer period of the meeting took place. Politico has labeled the incident as – ‘The outburst heard round the world.’

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Insult was added to injury when, in the same week as the famous outburst, two other Obama appointees also inserted their worst into the public record by saying not just the ridiculous, but what to some would qualify as downright undignified and disrespectful to the Congress, the Constitution, and virtually every American.

Former New Jersey EPA head and Obama appointee to the nation’s Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, has raised the question of John Q. Public’s ability to read above the fifth grade level. She said “In accordance with the law, we moved forward with sensible, cost effective steps at the federal level on climate, using the Clean Air Act. And I would have a second sentence — see, I can’t write headlines! But it would be something like, ‘The progress at state and local levels, combined with the federal level, does not obviate the need’ — you can’t use obviate, it’s above fifth-grade level!”

This week, and for the past eighteen months, Attorney General Eric Holder has repelled the Congressional Committee with a barrage of obfuscation and smokescreens and then warned the Congress, in a defiantly undignified flip off to that entire body, that he has “no intention of resigning.” In the minds of Americans who now see the Attorney General as a smear against justice are thoughts that Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry had no chance to tell the same Congressional Committee that he had “no intention of dying.”

Nobody really likes a complainer, especially when it is endless chronic dissatisfaction without any credence or foundation. Mr. Obama’s critics have long since risen above the low place of the inveterate complainer. The endless list of indignities and disrespect to American traditions, laws, and conventions is too much a part of the Obama legacy to hide, quash, or deny.

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The short list includes disrespect for DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), private sector businesses and entrepreneurs, and religion (attacks on Catholics). It also includes attacks on dignity and American protocol (bowing to a Saudi king); a blast against doctors, insurance companies, and the public with a burgeoning healthcare bill most don’t want; the social shock of being whacked with a giant club labeled “the gay agenda”; and last but not least, the circumventing of the Congress with endless executive orders (900 to date).

Now the Congress and lawful legislative process has been ignored for a move that no American left with a mere pint of blood and a single brain cell does not see as a political move to bolster a shaky re-election bid. The announcement to give amnesty to illegal immigrants is a serious and disrespectful blow to those trying to enter the country legally. It is insulting to states with overburdened welfare and education systems and their respective governors. Why haven’t we considered breaking open all our jails and prisons to find those offenders who have only one non-violent felony on their records and giving our own citizens some of that easy amnesty?

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