Reporters to need government licenses?


A Michigan lawmaker says people have the right to know reporters are credible and have “good moral character,” so he’s proposed a procedure to license journalists and document their credentials, background and experience.

But the plan by Sen. Bruce Patterson, a Republican from the state’s 7th district, is going nowhere, according to a government watchdog organization, because it would “step on” the U.S Constitution.

The plan by Patterson was reported by Fox News, which said Patterson cited the state’s ability already to license professions such as automobile mechanics, plumbers and hairdressers.

Patterson cited the importance of accurate information in today’s world.

“We have to be able to rely on the source and to understand the credentials of the source,” he told Fox.

He reported that he had run into reporters in Michigan state political coverage who work for publications he’s never seen, and a process to vet those workers would be appropriate.

His bill would have reporters provide to state officials documentation of their good moral character and their ability to operate by ethics standards “acceptable to the board.”

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