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Breaking: Mexicans Shooting Across Border At U.S. Officials

The most recent incident reportedly marked the second outburst of gunfire from Mexico...


According to Breitbart Texas, an unnamed “trusted law enforcement source” has levied some disturbing accusations against individuals on the other side of America’s southern border.

Even as scores of illegals stream into America, and Mexican authorities continue to hold a U.S. Marine behind bars after he took a wrong turn into the country, reports indicate authorities on this side of the border are being targeted.

“Shots fired south of Rincon Village from Mexico,” the source told Breitbart this week. “Unknown if smugglers are f—king with game wardens or what the deal is.”

A short time later, the official clarified the shooters are not aiming specifically at game wardens, “but shooting to be a nuisance.”

The source confirmed other authorities, including officers with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, are also being targeted. The most recent incident reportedly marked the second outburst of gunfire from Mexico in as many weeks.

Reports indicate the area in which the game wardens were being harassed – known as Zone 9 – is the epicenter of an ongoing battle to protect the border. This portion of the Rio Grande Valley between Texas and Mexico is routinely used by smugglers to sneak immigrants into the U.S.

Game wardens, Breitbart’s source explained, have been integral in combating the recurring wave of border-crossers by rounding up illegals and destroying the vehicles used to transport them along the river.

American authorities already face the daunting task of handling countless illegals who have crossed into the country over recent months. As word of the Obama administration’s lax enforcement of immigration law spread to South America, a huge influx of immigrants – specifically unaccompanied minors – has resulted.

Not only has this phenomenon been a drain on resources and an invitation for criminals to integrate into our society; it has also opened the door for any number of diseases to spread throughout the American population.


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