Replacing the mainstream media blog by blog


By Adam Boiland,



Much has been said about the impact that new technology has on the viability and quality of traditional journalism. Newspapers, on the verge of collapse, are slashing reporting staffs and obsessing about micro payments. The Associated Press is threatening legal action against sites that lift its content without permission. Even NPR, which just this week unveiled a redesign and new strategy, has struggled to adapt.

We’re losing local reporters–the people who have traditionally covered transportation issues–with disturbing speed, and many of those journalists who do remain seem to spend so much time shooting out inane tweets you wonder how they’re finding time to report the news.
It’s not all doom and gloom, however, particularly in niche areas such as transportation. We’re seeing thriving networks of blogs emerge written by people who may lack the gravitas of their professional counterparts but who collectively are offering more comprehensive coverage of both local and national transportation issues than the pros used to do during the glory days of journalism.

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