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Reformation Project seeks church acceptance of gay lifestyle



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After America’s first professional male athlete recently came out as gay, the leftist media followed with its predictable support of the lifestyle (and the player even received a call from Barack Obama to mark the supposedly heroic declaration.)

When a sports analyst dared to share his deeply held belief that homosexuality – along with all extramarital sex – is sinful, he and millions of Christians were derided by the same media and portrayed as hate-filled bigots.

Right on cue, gay activist Matthew Vines announced the creation of a new program designed to further cement that inaccurate assessment by normalizing homosexuality within the Christian church.

Vines’ mission through the Reformation Project is to join with like-minded individuals to train leaders to spread the message.

Already known for a viral video in which he explains his identification as both a gay man and a Christian, Vines said he was asked to leave his church after he attempted to change parishioners’ views on sexual sin.

He complains of “thousands of churches across the world where gay Christians have no voice,” paraphrasing the biblical principle that “the stone that the builders rejected has and will become the cornerstone.” Dismissing the fact that this scripture refers to Jesus and not homosexuals living in unrepentant sin, Vines wants to change the central tenets of Christianity to make himself feel better about his own lifestyle.

This is nothing new, unfortunately, as believers often seek to rationalize their own sin in order to assuage the associated guilt. When a major campaign to normalize and overlook one particular sin gains traction, though, countless individuals struggling with that affliction can be misled into believing that God has somehow lowered His standards.

Homosexuals – as with thieves, adulterers, and murderers – can and do make it to heaven, but only after they confront their sin and turn away from it. All Christians struggle to live in accordance with the Bible, and we can never match the perfect model Jesus left during his 33 years on earth.

There is a big difference, however, between fervently praying for guidance in a struggle and pretending that God’s Word has somehow adapted to one’s favorite sin.
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Photo credit: Philocrites (Creative Commons)

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