The Cold War is over. So is the era of unapologetic alpha male action movies. Don’t tell the folks behind “Red Dawn.”

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The film, a remake of the 1984 cult hit, sticks closely to the original formula of courageous kids, evil invaders and, of course, the battle cry which echoed throughout the decade.


Does it matter that the invading force this time around hails from North Korea and not the Soviet Union? Well, yeah. There’s plenty in the new “Dawn” that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Where “Red Dawn” rules is in its bone simple scenario. America is invaded. Time to fight for our liberty. Again.

Chris Hemsworth plays Jed Eckert, a U.S. Marine who returns stateside in time to witness a sky full of parachutists floating down toward his peaceful home town of Spokane, Wash. It’s a full-scale invasion courtesy of a North Korean army which uses a new weapon to shut down most of America’s defenses.

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