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Reclaiming America, One Election at a Time


Will Harry Reid be the second Democratic Senate leader defeated in six years?

Will the Republicans win back the House and the Senate?

Will candidates such as Charlie Crist, Lisa Murkowski, or Dan Maes deny conservatives enough support to swing key elections?

How far will the Tea Party express roll back the Obama revolution?

The answer to these questions is in your hands. The arguments have been made; the commercials have been aired; and the last robocalls have (thankfully) been completed.

It’s up to you.

The socialist revolution can only take as much of your freedom as you yield. They can only steal an election if it is within the margin of error. They can only strike down the bills you support if they appoint and confirm the judiciary, from the black robed elitists on our nation’s appeals courts all the way to the Supreme Court.

Today is your chance to take America back.

Go out and vote. Motivate other like-minded people to cast their ballots for conservatives from the U.S. Senate and House to the local school board. If possible, volunteer to keep things moving.

Then join our analysis tonight on FloydReports.com. Floyd Brown has invited me and some of the most insightful political minds he knows to discuss the election tonight: what went right, what went wrong, and what it all means for our country for the next two years. We will be live blogging beginning at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST, and the conversation could last until the wee hours. We will also host a conference call open to everyone for no more than the cost of long distance.

You can watch us blog. Better yet, talk to us personally — or just listen in to our conference call by dialing (202) 684-6778.

Join us as we open the battle to take back our country, one branch of government at a time.


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