Reason No. 1 TO Reject Obama


Barack Obama lied in 2008 about so much. He promised so much he had no intention of fulfilling. He deceived the American people with noble ideas he would never carry out.

After four years of witnessing these lies, these broken promises and deceptions, this should be the No. 1 reason to reject Obama at the polls – at all costs.

To chronicle the lies, broken promises and deceptions would fill volumes of books – and there’s no time left for that with the election only weeks away.

So let’s just examine the findings of one distinguished author, Christopher Horner, in his new book, “The Liberal War on Transparency.”

We all remember what Obama said he would do in 2008 – create the most open and transparent administration in American history. He excoriated his predecessor’s White House for its secrecy. He promised a new era of open access to documents and the business of the people in Washington.

He lied.

But he didn’t just miss the mark. It turns out the Obama administration is the most secretive in history and routinely breaks federal laws to keep any damaging information about its operations from seeing the light of day.

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Photo Credit: Dustin C. Oliver (Creative Commons)


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