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Is this charade of adolescence terminal?

Some years back, Samuel Huntington wrote of the “Clash of Civilizations.” Today, America is suffering the fetid fruits of a “Clash of Ideologies” -both of which oppose Western Civilization and threaten to do what Communism couldn’t: bury it.

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The leadership of both major parties abandoned rationality long ago.

Behind both facades, Red and Blue, lurks Marxism’s toxic aroma, barely visible, very potent: Blue Obamanites defy the law to pursue socialism in one country, imposed by force, intentionally producing chaos.

Neoconservatives, opportunistically Red these days, defy the Constitution to pursue democracy worldwide, imposed by force, inevitably producing chaos.

Normal folks – the “virtuous people” of the Founders – stare in disbelief as the Red Team – Blue Team farce distracts us from the obvious: both Obamanites and Neocons have abandoned any sense of responsibility. They always cause chaos, and they always blame somebody else.

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Both teams are obdurate: they never admit mistakes.

And apologize? Fuggedaboutit!

The “game” is rigged: neither of these ideological cadres could have come to power without cooperation from the other.

Both parties voted to invade Iraq.

Both parties evaded a formal Declaration of War and went to the United Nations for “legitimacy” instead.

Both parties embraced steep spending hikes.

Both parties applauded the rise of the NSA’s Thought Police.

Both party establishments stuffed gobs of history down the Memory Hole. Mission Accomplished! Hope and Change!

Arrayed against this Beltway Frankenstein stand the stalwart champions of Free America – families, churches, neighborhoods, private associations, truly independent members of the private sector (excluding those prospering by government fiat and funding) – all embodying what Robert Nisbet calls true “community” and the vital “authority” that resides outside the limits of government power.

Today, both parties flout those limits, oiled by cash from the bipartisan Cronies who seek to plunder and rule.

Nostalgia nudges us to cling to our party loyalty like the old days.

But those days are over.

Better to revive the truths that make us free. That will give us a fighting chance.

Photo credit: The U.S. Army (Flickr)

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