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We are allowing 13% of America to abuse themselves and all of the rest of us. Why can’t we come out and say to black defendants that no longer will we enable them to go to jail and learn prison ways (which now often include indoctrination into the Hate America mantra of the Muslim prison movement) and then get out, only to go back in? “What the media only hint at is another reality: recidivism…Black men are arrested and convicted over and over. IT IS TYPICAL FOR A BLACK MAN TO HAVE FIVE FELONY CONVICTIONS BEFORE THE AGE OF 30!”

When you consider an unbelievable statistic that was actually reported this week on CNN, namely that within two years of leaving the NFL, a staggering 78% of players are bankrupt (and couple that with 76% of all US sports being dominated by blacks), you have to ask WHY? Why are we letting our political, media, and educational representatives destroy our culture, our children, our country, and our American way of life? “The media report that although blacks are 12% of the population, they are 40% of prison populations.”

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It must be asked what we have gotten for LBJ’s (adjusted for inflation) TWENTY TRILLION dollars spent on the War on Poverty? What we’ve gotten is a permanent class of violent, offending children without fathers, a 73% illegitimacy rate, a give-me you-owe-me culture of “She ain’t me,” and a display of unfeeling cruelty from which we as a nation may never recover!

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