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I doubt the lady who sported the “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker was thinking of Clinton’s record as secretary of state. No, the rationale for the Clinton candidacy is the heart and soul of the progressive project — identity politics. It isn’t what you can do or have done; it’s which box you can check on the approved victim scorecard. The “first woman president” was trumped in 2008 by a superior victim claim; but now, unless a black woman candidate should materialize, Clinton holds the high card.

She may not know how to avoid pitfalls like saying she and Bill Clinton were “broke” when they left the White House, but Hillary knows how to bow the “woman” violin. To extricate herself from the embarrassing stories about her wealth, she wasn’t above knifing her former rival/boss. The Obama campaign, she’s begun telling interviewers, was riddled with sexism. Why, they asked her to criticize Sarah Palin! If you can buy Hillary — who mercilessly trashed every woman who stepped forward to accuse Bill Clinton of harassment — as a stalwart defender of Palin in the name of female solidarity, you’ll buy anything.

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Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer the country except her sex. She managed to parlay her status as wronged spouse into a Senate seat, and to leverage her status as failed presidential candidate into the job of secretary of state. She now plans to milk her status as unsuccessful secretary of state into the presidency. She isn’t an example of female accomplishment so much as the Peter Principle — that is, people will be promoted until they reach their “position of incompetence.”

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