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Re-Elected to do What, Mr. Obama?


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Watching Barack  Hussein Obama give his “last” press conference of his first term in 2013 was quite telling. If you closed your eyes and listened, you might have thought you were in a banana republic somewhere in South America. Obama has a definite “I” problem when he speaks. “I will not negotiate on the debt ceiling”. “I will not cut spending on entitlements.” “If I have to go around Congress on gun control action, then that’s what I’ll do”. “I have been encouraged to simply raise the debt ceiling on my own authority.” Blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah, ” I won the election; therefore, things will be done MY way.” This egocentric megalomaniac needs to be reminded of a few things to start the New Year right, I guess.

First of all, Mr. Obama, the voters in this country did NOT give you a mandate for anything. They simply maintained the status quo of Congress. Secondly, your power and authority are limited by the Constitution (you know, that document that you and your cronies promised to “preserve, protect, and defend”!) You are not our king or Messiah (at least to the people that I know), you have not been given the position of dictator (benevolent or otherwise), nor have you been given the power or authority to do as you please when you please. Thirdly, this is a nation of laws, Mr. Obama; and you do not have the discretion of which laws to enforce and which ones NOT to enforce. You too, sir, are also under the same law and dangerously close to impeachment (see Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, etc.)

Your war against guns, Mr. Obama, is unconstitutional in any form that it takes. You want the Second Amendment changed, Mr. Obama? There is a procedure for that. Oh that’s right, you were a “Constitutional Law” professor once upon a time, weren’t you? Looks like you might have to brush up on your field of study, Mr. Obama. When the federal government goes out into the private sector and buys 1.6 BILLION rounds of .223 rifle ammo and 40 caliber handgun ammo when the government is trying to wind DOWN its last war, the people have a tendency to get a little nervous. You haven’t exactly been a pinnacle of transparency, Mr. Obama. Contrary to what your friends on the left may tell you, there are enough freedom-loving, God-fearing patriots still alive in the United States to make any kind of government intervention on our liberties one bloody fight.

You might want to remind Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that BY LAW, a budget is to be passed no later than April of each year. We all know that he’s been busy in the Senate blocking every reasonable piece of legislation to come his way, but he is 3 1/2 years late in getting a budget passed! Looks like ole’ Harry might just be in line for a little legal discipline himself! Oh yeah, I was just wondering that with the country’s economy going to hell in a hand basket rather quickly, if you have given any more thought to exactly how you are going to get us out of this mess without cutting spending?

You seemed to get a bit testy when any of the reporters at your last press conference pressed you for answers to the questions that they thought were relevant. Did any of your English professors at Harvard ever teach you to give short, concise answers? I know that you fancy yourself as Lincoln, but he didn’t recite the Gettysburg address every time he was asked a question. Why do you feel that you shouldn’t be questioned about your actions or your policies? Every President since George Washington has had to do that comes with the office. Maybe you’re trying to hide something?

You have shown by your actions in the recent “fiscal cliff” fiasco that you are not capable of compromise or face-to-face negotiations, nor are you flexible in your ideology (traits not conducive to an accomplishment-driven presidency.) You will find that the 2012 election will NOT be repeated again. Leadership is what this country needs now, not some ideologue who is hellbent on changing 200-plus years of the most successful and prosperous country in the world. America will not fall without a fight, Mr. Obama.

How are you going to explain to your middle class working base why their taxes went up when you promised them that their taxes wouldn’t go up even one dime? You have made too many promises, Mr. Obama; and you forgot that you are the “temporary leader” of a republic, not your own dynasty. You can be as arrogant as you want to be and as ruthless as you think you can be; but beware that, there are limitations to what you legally are allowed to do. Impeachment is a very real option, Mr. Obama.

Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)


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