Rasmussen’s hope isn’t in politics


A Christian pollster asserts that the only way to change politics and the country is for believers to live out their Christianity and share it with others.

Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports is one of the nation’s leading pollsters and a conservative commentator. As keynote speaker at the Pacific Justice Institute’s (PJI) recent Celebration of Justice banquet, he urged Christians to represent Christ in the nation’s social and political state, saying now is not the time to compromise on moral issues.

“Elections are important. Political stuff is important,” he recognized. “But it is your personal example as being a witness and a representative of Jesus Christ that matters the most.”

And as Christians live out their faith, Rasmussen urges them not to place their hope in political victories.

“How are you going to influence the culture if you’re not talking to people outside the church,” he asked. “How are you going to proclaim the gospel if you’re not going out to those borderlands?”

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