Random thoughts on the Republican presidential primary process


In Iowa a guy named Mitchell who goes by Molotov instead of his real name has put out a video attacking Newt Gingrich as untrustworthy for being married three times. Mitchell is a former untrustworthy drug addict who believes he has been forgiven by God – he told me these things personally. Now that Mitchell has entered the Lord’s house of forgiveness he, a former drug addict, wants to slam the door on Gingrich because HE is untrustworthy? Kind of stinks of hypocrisy doesn’t it?

My website’s small poll showed 29% would skip the top line if Willard Romney is the GOP candidate. Tokyo Rove is concerned about holding the House and gaining the Senate. At that rate Willard is the only serious candidate who could actually lose all three prizes.

Nikki Haley’s endorsement of Willard sets up an opportunity for the T.E.A. party movement to teach the Republican establishment a lesson about trying to coopt us. I don’t believe her 35% approval rating will change anything in South Carolina. As the old joke goes, “The dogs don’t like the food!”

Evangelicals will NOT vote for a Mormon. I’ve listened to an hour long diatribe against Mormonism from an Evangelical preacher to an Evangelical audience. Their resolve to never vote for a Mormon was palpable. This raises the question of how Willard can be doing so well in Iowa. The answer may be in the pre balloting polls on gay friendly questions. They ALWAYS show the gay side doing well if not actually winning until the actual voting starts. Maybe the Evangelicals in Iowa just aren’t telling the truth?

A hit piece against Gingrich on Florida television carries a quote from George Will saying Gingrich is not a conservative. Anyone who believes George Will is an influential conservative please say “Aye!” I hear crickets.

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