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Random thoughts on the American victory in Wisconsin


Over the last several election cycles, at least a third of union captives have voted Republican. The exit polls show that this has not changed one bit for all the millions they spent. Fear and intimidation did nothing to change that.

Massive American turnout can smother Democrat/Union/Eric Holder voter fraud, so THAT threat has been neutralized.

I watched CNN and MSNBC for the first time since Election night 2010 and got lucky enough to see a sad Wolf Blitzer call it for Walker.

Political scientists will study this race, and the honest ones will point to the endorsements of Bubba Clinton and Barack Obama as the final nail in Barrett’s coffin.  Seeing Clinton on the other side helped energize Americans. Bill Clinton is now what? About 3 for 80 in endorsements?

Democrats have not been this bummed out since 9/11 happened AFTER the Clintons left office.

It’s not the TEA party that is dead; it’s union power to turn election results. Extortionist unions are on notice- your party is over, and our PARTY is just getting started.

The Bogeyman of political races is now the TEA PARTY. It is the TEA party that the Unions have to be afraid of because we will win with NO voter fraud, so our victories will always stand. Unions will not be back in power in our lifetime.

Proven: Given a chance to vote on the issue, Americans will vote against being extorted by unions. This comes as a shock to union thugs, the Democrats, and their cheerleaders in the media, but they’ll just have to get over themselves.

Ending the automatic dues check-off is the silver bullet to kill the union vampire.

Since exit polls had it “too close to call” and Obama + 11 over What’s His Name, people lied to exit pollsters, rubbing salt in the Democrats’ eyes.

If anyone thinks Wisconsin would vote this way now and for Obama in November, they are smoking crack.

We heard reports of “massive” Dem/union bussing in of voters – maybe their efforts will bring an embarrassing and obviously fraudulent 119% turnout in Milwaukee.

Was this the beginning of the Catholic vote effect?

The Democrat media cheerleaders can SAY this means nothing nationally (and I hope they do), but that doesn’t make it true – then again, nothing about liberalism is true.

What else to take from this? We can’t talk to the Left; we must defeat them, laugh at them, and move on without them.

Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

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