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Raising Cane’s Shuts Down Anti-Gun Group Attempting To Bully The Popular Restaurant Chain

Like Kroger before it, Raising Cane's decided not to capitulate to the organization's demands.


Responding to a recent complaint by the vehemently anti-gun crusaders of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, fast food chain Raising Cane’s refused to kowtow to their demands. Western Journalism has reported previous efforts by the anti-gun group to invoke its will upon other private businesses.

The activist group reportedly cited a 2013 image of a pro-gun demonstration that took place at a Raising Cane’s location in Texas as its motivation in coercing the corporation to support an open carry ban.

Instead of playing a role in changing the company’s gun policy – as it claims to have done with restaurant chains Chili’s and Sonic – through its campaign, Moms Demand Action only prompted Raising Cane’s to reiterate its neutral position on the issue.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the company stated unequivocally that it is not interested in engaging in a political discussion on gun rights.

“We are passionate about quality, we are committed to our customers and crew, and we support our communities,” the post stated. “It’s what we do. What we don’t do is get involved in political debates. We recognize that our customers and our crew have different political views and we respect those differences.”

As with Kroger, another company on the receiving end of the activist group’s vitriol, the company took a largely popular position by rising above the contentious issue and focusing on what its customers expect. In response to that position, however, Moms Demand Action has dedicated its Twitter page to further criticizing the popular fast food chain. The following posts are just a sampling of those posted or shared by the organization this week.

It is clear from the response to Raising Cane’s Facebook post, however, that many loyal fans of the chain’s chicken strips — and Second Amendment supporters — are even more likely to visit a local franchise in light of its principled stance.

Facebook/Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Facebook/Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

h/t: Bearing Arms

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