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Radio host advocates murder of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee


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In the characteristically compassionate, accepting tone of a modern leftist broadcaster, radio host Mike Malloy recently fantasized about the stabbing death of U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah).

On the heels of a 21-hour marathon speech criticizing ObamaCare, the Tea Party-backed politician has been on the receiving end of significant vitriol — even by members of his own party. Malloy, however, took that rhetoric to a new, disturbing level by volunteering a weapon to be used against Cruz.

Commenting on a conservative broadcaster’s opinion that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “stabbed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the back,” Malloy found it easy to transition from hyperbole to reality.

“Oh, what if that were true?” he queried, telling McConnell he would be a willing participant.

“Mitch, I tell you what, I’ll make you a deal! I’ll provide the butcher knife,” he shouted.

While one might be inclined to blame his hateful comments on a momentary lapse in judgement, Malloy is no stranger to issuing on-air death threats to political opponents.

House Speaker John Boehner, conservative evangelist Pat Robertson, and former president George W. Bush have all been on his assassination wish list. Furthermore, he has openly advocated the divine murder of anyone aligned with the Tea Party.

Saying he wishes they would “all just go away,” the loose cannon envisioned an “angel of the Lord that would pass over” and “wipe out all the Tea Baggers.”

Erasing any chance that his comments are just wild exaggerations of his actual sentiment, earlier this year, Malloy proclaimed that he wants to see “the Republican party dead. I mean, dead. I mean literally dead!”

A public call for murder should be considered beyond the pale regardless of political ideology. Unfortunately, leftists only consider conservatives capable of hate speech. When Rush Limbaugh used the word ‘slut’ to describe a woman whose entire public platform was dedicated to her pursuit of premarital sex, he was roundly lambasted by self-righteous progressives throughout the media. Malloy, on the other hand, can repeatedly wish death upon conservatives with impunity.

Granted, Malloy — or any other left-wing host, for that matter — is not in the same broadcasting galaxy as Limbaugh. The rules of decency, however, should be enforced uniformly.

For a political ideology to which ‘fairness’ is a sacred tenet, the left sure seems to struggle with its meaning.


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